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Various activities and celebrations are launched by the College of Science in commemoration of its 70th anniversary

In the presence of the Assistant President of the University of Baghdad for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Harith Ibrahim Jaafar, the Dean of the College, Dr. Raed Kamel Naji, and his assistants, and with the participation of the staff and students of the College.  The activities included honoring distinguished employees, providing Al Ain Foundation for Social Welfare, gifts among orphans, raising decorations, conducting scientific and cultural competitions among the students to enrich their information. In addition to the certificates of thanks and appreciation were also given to the first students.

The College of Science at the University of Baghdad was founded on March 27, 1949, as part of the College of Arts and Sciences at the beginning of the establishment. Its main duties are to take care of science and liberal arts by its goal of graduating professionals; It has contributed to the emergence of the first seed of modern scientific education in Iraq.

The College now has nine scientific departments: chemistry, physics, mathematics, geology, biology, computers, remote sensing, space and astronomy, biotechnologies, as well as the biological research and remote sensing units.

The College of Science

The College of Science seeks to be a prominent place on the map of university education among its peers to be a center of creativity and scientific innovation after achieving a distinguished quality with international standards.

The College of Science is a leading governmental scientific institution with a long tradition that aims to prepare graduates of distinguished researchers qualified by scientific and practical expertise to contribute to solving the problems of society and the labor market as an integrated system of scientific research. 

To provide graduates with an educational level that enables them to compete in the labor market, work in the field of scientific research, attract outstanding scientific talents to enrich the educational and research process, and adhere to quality and reliability standards through the application of continuous improvement.

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