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A seminar on the qualification and the labor market

The department of Astronomy and Space at the college of Science at the University of Baghdad held a seminar entitled "The outputs of the Astronomy and Space department between Qualifications and the Labor Market" in the presence of a number of professors, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, heads of the academic guidance committees  and those who are concerned with space, astronomy, rehabilitation and employment.

The seminar was organized by assistant professor Dr. Rafa Abbas Hassan and assistant professor Dr. Sajda Kazem and Dr. Hoda Shaker Ali. The seminar aims at educating the students in their early academic life with specialization and how to develop their skills required by the labor market and academic knowledge and to review the methods and means that can be followed for a secure professional future.

The seminar pointed to the need for a shift in thinking from the concept of central governmental job to the concept of creating projects and small businesses by forming consistent groups of ideas, goals and visions that establish future work projects as well as ideas about innovation and transforming them into productive projects.

The College of Science

The College of Science seeks to be a prominent place on the map of university education among its peers to be a center of creativity and scientific innovation after achieving a distinguished quality with international standards.

The College of Science is a leading governmental scientific institution with a long tradition that aims to prepare graduates of distinguished researchers qualified by scientific and practical expertise to contribute to solving the problems of society and the labor market as an integrated system of scientific research. 

To provide graduates with an educational level that enables them to compete in the labor market, work in the field of scientific research, attract outstanding scientific talents to enrich the educational and research process, and adhere to quality and reliability standards through the application of continuous improvement.

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