The department of astronomy and space held a scientific seminar "Calculating the direction of waves received from DOA antennas using the music algorithm and Gnu radio simulation program" in the presence of a number of professors, researchers and students concerned with space, astronomy and communications. The seminar, delivered by Dr. (Imad Kassar Akib), aimed to give an introduction on how to calculate the direction of DOA received waves from targets by using linearly positioned antennas and equal separation distance and applying a known algorithm called Music Algorithm.
The lecture included an algorithm characterized by its high analytical capabilities to determine the direction of the received waves for targets that are very close to each other. While the number of targets that are not being affected by the multiple paths, the target waves hinder the determination of the target direction after modeling the algorithm through the Gnu radio program and the Python language. This method can be applied in the field of communications, astronomy, navigation, tracking of moving targets, medicine, earthquakes and other applications.