Department of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information organized a scientific lecture entitled "The relationship between the origins of linguistics and archeology" in the presence of a group of professors and researchers and students concerned with linguistics and archeology. The lecture, which was delivered by Prof. Dr. Faisal Ghazi Mohammed, aimed to identify the rooting science of a linguistic process based on the comparison of formulas and semantics. Investigation of the physical origins of human civilization distinguished assets and branches and its relationship to archeology. Loyalty to the old and keen follows the path of development taken by human civilization and draws cultural, scientific and aesthetic values ​​and their relationship to linguistic sciences.
The lecture included a review of the study of societies, institutions and other sciences and arts to decide on linguistic issues, as well as comparing tongues to know their genealogies and patterns. Manuscripts, and sometimes the history of human groups who speak these words,  are associated with the work of excavation, exploration, recording, and restoration. Besides the use of archaeological discoveries identifies the different stages through civilization and research and stands on the past to know its details based on two pillars which are archeology and languages.