The College of Science organized a lecture entitled  “educating modern teaching methods and their development today”. The lecture delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Bushra Ali, aimed at highlighting the teaching methods that were used in the past and based on traditional primitive methods, and their development in the present day through modern methods based on e-learning and computer technologies and programs in the presentation. These new methods lead to the ease of obtaining, accepting and realizing information in a rapid, accurate and understandable manner. The lecture included examining the importance of advanced electronic education that depends on raising the effectiveness of the recipients and their activity and the method used to communicate information and the accompanying to the recipients and the use of education technology and skill and how the teacher can transform the hall room to a place where the information is transmitted consistently and in one direction from the lecturer to the recipient, via A learning environment characterized by dynamism, simplicity and clarity, and the importance of circulating virtual electronic classes in education.