About Chemistry Department

The department of chemistry was founded with the establishment of the College of Science in 27 / 3 / 1949. The department   is an activist since its foundation in the field of scientific research. A number of researchers have published many researches in scientific journals. De facto, the postgraduate Studies have started since 1961.  The department of chemistry graduates   experts in solving   problems of the industries.

Developed research projects have been adopted including various fields of organic inorganic, analytic, physical, bio and industrial chemistry. Most of them have great relation with industrial and pharmaceutical materials which the country needs nowadays.

The department established a central laboratory containing advanced research equipments and well qualified staff to carry out   various laboratorial works for postgraduate students and other relevant institutions.

The goals

  • Providing  society with the graduates that have  BSc in various  chemical  technologies and scientific level (chemical  assistant) that they can work in health  laboratories,  and standardization and  controlling , drugs , and food industries .
  • Supporting the society with qualified instructors to teach in various universities on the country.
  • Supporting   society with postgraduates who are well-qualified   to work as searchers in various search fields that go along with the scientific progress in chemical technology.
  • Contributing in solving the scientific problems that serve the development in the country.

The Graduates' Future

The chemical graduates can work in various agricultural, medical and industrial fields and serve their country in many governmental establishments like ministry of oil, ministry of industry, ministry of health and ministry of environment.


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