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we seek to prepare highly qualified graduates to work in  different branches of life sciences.


A Department of Biology represents  a tributary of the scientific community, which is mainly important in the movement of society, so the department aims to spread awareness and knowledge of  life sciences through supplying the country  with researchers and professors who are able to deal with changes and new developments taking place in the world, and contribute to the development of our scientific , health, industrial and environmental establishments  in solving problems encountered in  progress.

Strategic Goals

General Goals

  • Keeping pace with global developments in all fields of science, especially in the life sciences. Providing The intellectual community and the institutions  with scientific and technical experts in the field of life sciences and  developing the healthy, environmental and scientific institutions.
  • Improving the level of performance and quality to the ranks of the advanced world universities.

Educational  Goals

  • Developing and modernizing   the scientific curricula theoretically and practically.
  • Developing the scientific competence and performance of teaching staff, researchers and students.
  • Adopting modern techniques in the practical laboratories.

The goals of  scientific research

  • Finding solutions to contemporary environmental problems.
  • Studying the spread of pathogens in our environment and society scientifically and finding  a successful treatment.
  • Investing   the research of biotechnology and genetic engineering techniques to develop industry in the country in various fields as medical, chemical, food, and other industries.
  • Contributing in solving problems related to animal and plant flora, and Micro flora in Iraq, focusing on the biodiversity in our environment and the extinction of species and the entry of new species to our environment, especially the genetic  engineered species  that interferes  from outside our local environment.

Goals of community service.

  • Supporting activities of the community through seminars and scientific conferences and workshops in various areas of life sciences.
  • Cooperating with various governmental establishments to promote the healthy, environmental, industrial and agricultural situations by providing scientific experts and the results of research and theses of higher studies practically.
  • Advancing the society through the expansion of the general outlook on the importance of life sciences in solving a lot of healthy, environmental and industrial problems.



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