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altThe Department of Astronomy is the latest innovative scientific department in the College of Science / University of Baghdad. The Department Was founded in 1998 and started to grant bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate in various field of astronomy and space.


The department qualifies graduates to work in all fields related to that area such as,   astronomical observatories and scientific research centers.   the graduated student of the department of astronomy is  also qualified  to work in various fields of software.




The department teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition to prepare  research, theoretical and observational studies in various astronomical sub-disciplines using the available means of monitoring and analysis   in coordination and cooperation with international organizations and observatories, as well as  identifying  astronomical phenomena and its impact on the future of life on earth  ,and  conducting  laboratory studies for  developing  and designing monitoring devices,   and  designing  configuration analysis software and  processing astronomical data, In addition to scientific contribution in determining the beginning of the lunar months.


Description of the graduate


The department of astronomy   of the College of Science - University of Baghdad is the only department   in Iraq's universities, which grants academic degrees in astronomy and image analysis. The curriculum developed by specialists in this area making the graduate astronomy has sufficient information And skills that qualify him to work in many and different areas such as, the field of astronomical observatories, digital image analysis, remote sensing, space science, in addition to having enough information to qualify as a good teacher educationally in topics of astronomy, physics, mathematics and computers to work in various research and scientific institutions. The superior graduate is rehabilitated to complete his postgraduate degree at the same department in one of the following areas: astronomy, space, image analysis, remote sensing.




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