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The message

We seek to produce qualified graduates to deal with the software and data in an efficient, and to provide appropriate opportunities for the development of capacity of the community to invest   progress in Information Technology.


The department aims to form scientific excellent basis in the fields related to the knowledge of computer applications, and seeks to prepare plans for the development of curricula to   meet the requirements of quality controls.

The department adheres to provide graduates able to meet the distinct needs of the labor market and keeps pace with stunning development in the field of information technology and communications. The Department seeks to promote the culture of creativity and innovation in the programmed industry, and openness to the community to understand and achieve its requirements.

Strategic Goals

General aims

  1. Achieving the Integration with the strategy adopted in the college and university in the field of education, research and community service.
  2. Modernizing the educational system through the adoption of modern educational systems in the field of education and learning.
  3. Adopting a system of the management and follow-up to ensure the quality and raise the level of performance at all levels (education, research and community service).

The educational Goals

  1. The developing levels of the educational services representing in: teaching staff,   curricula,   teaching methods, training and available educational resources. This development copes with progress in the field of information technology and its applications, to the extent that ensures the graduation of staff able to meet the needs of the labor market
  2. Focusing on supporting applied studies related to the development of systems and software solutions.
  3. Achieving a balance between the numbers of students admitted and the available resources regarding   teaching halls and labs (practical training), members of teaching staff and the library.
  4. Providing a curriculum that allows students opportunities to choose among multiple fields, to be able to prepare graduates have a variety of specialized scientific backgrounds.
  5. Seeking to develop a system to accept students in the department is based on selective criteria for the admission of certain students who have sufficient skills in analysis, design and software.

The goals of scientific research

  1. Creating multiple channels with the labor market to identify market requirements, and directing research and development activities to develop knowledge and experience, necessary to meet the requirements of the market (through technical solutions developed or advised ).
  2. Establishing relations of cooperation between the department and major establishments  and companies involved in the software industry in order to take advantage of the expertise to support the process of scientific research in the field of computer and information
  3. Following-up with global developments in the field of information technology and communications, and preparing guiding studies that would raise the level of investment in automation technology to work in different establishments and companies.

Goals for community service

  1. Developing training programs that aim to raise the level of use of computers in various fields and to allow citizens to benefit from these courses.
  2. Providing advice and technical support to various sectors of society.
  3. Active participation in the activities of consulting bureau.
  4. Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences in collaboration with specialized institutions in the organizing and investing information technology in the service of society.

The goals of student activities

  1. Establishing the values ​​and moral and social ideals for students to be qualified to interact positively and successfully with the community.
  2. Providing the accurate circumstances to support students' cultural, social and sport activities, to ensure the preparation of a generation capable of positive interaction with the movement of the progress of society.
  3. Providing opportunities for student exchange with global institutions, which will allow students accessing to some of the cultures of other societies.




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