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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 07:53

The workshop (occupational health and safety in biological laboratory) was   opened   at the University of Baghdad/College of Science/Department of Biology with cooperation with the directorate of R & D, department of control on circulation of chemical, biological hazardous and toxic materials on Monday 12/12/2011. The presence of representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, head of department of  biology  and a number of professors at university of Baghdad and other universities in Iraq.
During the workshop, four lectures were delivered and included   occupational safety and health aspects in biological labs. Dr. Haider Zuhair Ali / Department of biology / College of Science / university of Baghdad mentioned in his lecture   the methods of health education and occupational safety in biological labs and how to deal with the diseases and infectious agents. He also referred to division of biological agents according to specifications of the World Health Organization WHO and the types of safety biological cabin as well as a showcase for the rules and regulations COSHH British, including control of hazardous substances to health. He made clear statements of safety, risk and presentation of many warning signs used in the laboratory, which indicate the seriousness of biological and chemical materials.
Then Dr. Amal Mustafa Mekki / Laser Institute of Higher Studies gave lecture included three aspects:
Disposal of biological waste and medical laboratory.
How to deal with genetically modified organisms GMO.
Handling with sharp materials and needles in the laboratory.
Then, Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Aziz / College of Veterinary Medicine, delivered a lecture in which he discussed the basics of biological safety and how to evaluate the risks. He clarified    the levels of safety and biological methods of laboratory work properly.
Finally, Dr. Nada Mutair Abbas / Department of Chemistry delivered a lecture about the types of fires and its expects   and then the causes of fire and ways of reducing. She pointed out that the fires that occur while working in the biological laboratory and dealing with chemicals in addition to take the necessary precautions to prevent fires and how to use extinguishers, fire and ways to sustain them.


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