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The Biological Research Unit  was founded in  5/ 6/2001 to study the environmental factors that effect on  separating  diseases in   Iraq  where disease causes for it (germs), the animals that store them ( the containers) and the carrier medium for them ( water, air, soil, food) and its separation  in various geographic areas in Iraq.  Research, studies, publishing periodicals and a specialist, scientific magazine, and different activities are conducted with the official directions.

Many parasite, bacterial, versus and tropical area diseases separate in Iraq concerning with geographic region of Iraq (the variation in Iraq areas from south to north). The topography of Iraq   is different, there are mountains, valleys , lands, deserts, and water plains  also, the wild animals and plants are various according to the variation of  south and north regions  that reflect on the separating and distributing  diseases such as malaria  and Donovani  Leishmaina  (calazara) , skin Leishmania (Baghdad boil), schistosoma, diarrhea  that are caused by bacteria and parasites besides to water cyst  and so on …….

The better strategy to stop the separation of these diseases is to limit its separations and use   controlling methods. University of Baghdad can contribute effectively through this specialized unit in preparing the specialist, scientific staff, and direct some of the postgraduate and find a specialized scientific center for these diseases.


  • Making efforts to open postgraduate studies (high diploma, master) to prepare scientific and specialized staff concerning with these diseases and the effected factors on them.
  • Holding symposium and workshops.
  • Making specialized scientific courses.
  • Conducting research and studies.
  • Publishing folders and brochures.
  • Hosting and encouraging scientific students to achieve projects in fields concerning with tropical areas diseases.

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