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The concept of information technology has become one of the main sources for modern administrations to automate the technological and administrative tasks and to raise it to the level of   achieving its formations. The criterion of using level of   information technology sources is regarded from the basic criteria in the conditions to get the certificates of the application of standard specifications. The rising of using information technology sources is regarded from the main tasks that many of search education establishments in developed countries still interesting to achieve them.  In last two decades information technology has had     abilities   to achieve basic, rapid    development in     educational process that led to appear new manners and concepts in education.

In October 2007, College of Science started to carry out the practicing procedures to establish the information and media unit as a search unit to present technical support connected with information technology to all administrative and scientific formations.  This unit founded officially in April, 2008.

The technical and financial support  that presented by province  of Baghdad to College of Science invested    to carry out engineering work concerning with preparing the unit site and providing the net service in the unit site and connecting this service for several scientific departments .


Training ( basic and specialist): the  training and developing  are  the main tasks that  information  technology unit cares  to rise the computer using level  by the College staff mainly or out the college . This training program includes all levels whether they are teaching staff or members of staff in the supporting technical or administrative formations. College of science has a specialization (in information technology field) that characterized it from other colleges. The existence of Computer department    as one of the main college formations will provide the ability of using the specialist staff in the mentioned department (besides the other specialists in other departments)    to carry out special training programs including many specializations concerning with information technology usages.

The training program is intended to accomplish including courses for the following levels:

Basic courses: They aim to make the trainees knowing the basics of using some applied programs of using the Net. In this field number of trainers has prepared to carry out courses of (ICDL) similar to SESCO Academy, the college makes efforts to find other laboratories to the special professional training in the field of information technology and software industry. The cooperating  agreements can be conducted with many of famous companies in software field ( like Microsoft , Oracle ) can lead to prepare  a sufficient number  of  qualified trainers to hold specialized courses for member of staff in the college  or the other establishments on using technologies. This kind provides suitable opportunities to get a specialized training inside the country with low costs.

Advanced courses: They aim to increase the trainees’ abilities on using some specialized, applied software or some software tools.

The specialized professional courses: They aim to train the participants on some specialized modern technologies whether in networks field or in data bases field.

The administration of the website of the college: One of the main other tasks for information unit is designing the website of the college and connects it with the Baghdad University Web.  The designation   and achievement   will perform in two levels: The first level: including defining pages for foundation of the college formations. The staff, scientific activities, curriculum …….

The second level: Including the interactive web pages concerning with data bases ( the students results,  presenting symposiums ,conferences, search that  the college holds……)

  • Establishing the network of the College of Science to connect the departments with the center.
  • Establishing an electronic archive concerning with students’ affairs.
  • Establishing an electronic archive concerning with personnel affairs.
  • Presenting advices and technical supporting for the other colleges' formations.
  • Cooperating with scientific departments to construct the specialized electronic library.


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