Events of the Educational Guidance in the College

Response to the directives of the Central Committee for guidance and education through the threads of what has been put forward aimed at upgrading the scientific level of students in the training workshop held by the Committee in the 20/12/2011 at the Hall of Prof. Dr. Ali alwarde headed by Prof. Dr. Riadh Aziz / Chairman of the Committee, and to create motivation, and highlight the talent and excellence among students, aiming to develop science in the college with wise guidance of the Dean Prof. Dr. Salih Mahdi. Students of the department of Computer Science / fourth stage, accompanied by the head of the Committee of the Education Guidance Dr. Asma Qassem, were taken to the Central Library on Monday, 26/12 / 2011. Facilities provided for our students are to get knowledge, the latest books and references during their studying years, and to access the web sites for free through the password of the central library.
Thanks praise and pray for all to achieve renaissance of our dear Iraq through supporting of the talents of students, leading them to extract their unlimited potential, and activating the work of the committees to reach the targets of building the nation's culture.


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