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Director of English Language Unit:  Teaching Assist. Muthana Hameed  Khalaf

Rapporteur: Nadia Karim Damin

The fundamental task of the English Language Unit (ELU) is to keep the principles and  goals   of the College of Science, promote the scientific level of teaching staff and  students with using English language  in teaching  and education since its foundation in 2006.


  1. Teaching English Language to the teaching staff and members of the staff of the College of
  2. Science at the University of Baghdad from various disciplines.
  3. Processing according to advanced educational program.
  4. Making efforts to build the participants in English courses.
  5. Promoting and encouraging candidates' abilities in English.
  6. Instilling confidence of using English for candidates through   focusing directly on   scientific English, they need.
  7. Improving candidates' levels of language to the extent that they can use English as the language of communication during   academic years.

The Mission

  • Taking responsibility for teaching postgraduate in scientific departments in for one studying year with two hours weekly.
  • Conducting courses to enhance their language abilities, the course program includes writing research, translation principals besides the language basics.
  • Improving   teaching staff's level to deal with translation of scientific text correctly.
  • Granting certified appreciated certificate by the college, used in the annual evaluation which is one of requirements for scientific promotion.
  • ELU conducts English language   evaluation for theses and dissertations in scientific departments, as well as   evaluating the scientific papers that is presented for publication in the Iraqi journal for science which it is the scientific magazine for College of Science. ELU aspires to find modern language laboratory to increase the students’ comprehension.
  • Translating the official documents from Arabic into English and vice versa, and all correspondences of the college.
  • Supervising and translating the English college’s website.

Finally, English Language Unit (ELU) is pleased to    invite    teaching staff, staff of the College of Science and Iraqi establishments to participate in English courses held by the unit.    our belief that achieving the renaissance of thought real can  be done  by opening  to the experiences of others through the literature of the second language learning, which is the result of the availability of educational environments including  the close, useful  and intensive observations of the stages of learning and development.


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