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A Numbers of instructors are rewarded by letter of appreciation for their efforts to publish their research papers in universal magazines.

Assist .prof Dr .Hydair Zuheer Ali from College of Science, Department of Biology is rewarded by Dr.Musa Al-Muswi The president of Baghdad University. The title of his research paper is

"Studies on the antileshmanial properties of the antimicrobial peptides tampering A,B and 1SA) in the  JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE Science 2011

One of staff of College of science contributed effectively in the output of the Biology Book of the third grade in Secondary school

Dr.Shihab Ahmeb Salman, Director of the central Environmental Laboratory in College of Science contributed effectively to form the new authorship for Biology book for 2011. In additional to the selection of all shapes and images, localization. design , content of the cover and scientific supervision on print it.



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