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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 08:27

The consultant  bureau was founded in 1992 at college of science, since that time this bureau carried out many of the consultant  efforts in all scientific fields by its specialist consultant staff. The staff has various experiences about works of a number of establishments and the scientific companies that produce chemical materials which enter into oil industry (like, sarolenc, parord, TEL) and others. Besides, the available laboratories in the scientific departments; therefore, our staff is completely ready to cooperate with you to provide the required chemical materials in your industry and to carry out all projects concerning with the bureau and according to the required scientific standards. The following   summary is about some projects that have carried out for the companies, establishments and private sectors:

The consultant   bureau was founded  in college of science, university of Baghdad according to the university’s agreement in its reference No. 20151 in 21/10/1992. The bureau’s system  adapted the instructions No.43 for 1992 that issued  from ministry of higher education and scientific research  according to consultant bureau's law. No.46. for 1979 also the instructions No. 58 for 1993 issued from the ministry of higher education and scientific research.

The bureau achieved several   projects and presented the scientific consultant for all ministries and establishments such as:

  • Project of sport model construction to measure accuracy
  • Searching project concerning with designing and carrying out executing  specialized software for image encasement and to separate parts of the digital images  according to existed features,  also to distinguish the  selected    digital images.
  • Hydrologic studying the project   for Al Anbar heat  station
  • Biological   studying the project   for  Water for Al Anbar  heat electricity  station
  • Studying the project for the economical and technical benefit for Albaghdadi and jbail dams /2, which includes  the following:
  • Topographic Ground survey   and preparing geological maps for the  container of the  dam.
  • Earthquake tectonic and fractional earthquake survey and electrical survey, and hydrology survey for Euphrates River in dam place with digging wells and conducting field, lab and geotechnical tests, and investigations for quarries of raw materials.
  • Environmental study for the dam  and  its container.
  • Preparing the reagents for Baghdad university.
  • Supporting the universities with experiments in LASER subject.
  • Manufacturing test system and evaluating simi conductors by using nitrogen cooling container.
  • Designing and implementing algorithms digital images treatment.
  • Land test studies and digging wells in many sites.
  • Water surveys in Samara dam and Al thirthar stream.
  • Special studies to construct communications towers in Baghdad.
  • Electro water stations project studies that work by pumping store that site in middle Tigress and upper Euphrates.
  • Building the chemical shower organization that is used to prepare special,  soft covers,  which used in manufacturing the simi conductors (digital cells spotlights) and preparing solar cell.
  • Hydrologic studies for Al Tedy station project and special surveys concerning with electrical qualification resistance.
  • Conducting Geophysics studies to cause to sink down  In different sites.
  • Land investigations studies and technical  and economic benefits.

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