Databases' Symposium In Baghdad University
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 13:09


Department of Computer at the College of Science Participated in the symposium hosted by the College  of Engineering, University of Baghdad, entitled "Databases are  necessary  to build the bodies  of the government"

Assistant   President of the University for Scientific Affairs,    Dean of College of Engineering, a number of officials at the university,   large number of students, researchers and those who interested in the subject attended the symposium which was covered by the local media.

Dr. Mahdi Deima delivered a subject entitled:

"Towards the development of information management systems" 

The subject dealt with   the following the topics:

Electronic transactions, its methodology, examples of its application, the mechanism and how to run.

The general framework of a typical data center.

A proposal to develop services, systems and electronic information technology, administrative and geographic information systems, to be a typical data center.

E-government applications to support the institutions and decision-making for bodies and   various administrations.

Methodology to develop information management systems.

Plan of information operations in the field of information analysis and development, management and decision support to senior management.

Assistant teacher Safa Khalil also presented a topic etitled:

"The most important difficulties and challenges facing the adoption of perfect database applications in the bodies  of the government." 

The topic dealt with the most important problems facing the adoption and implementation of database applications in   the bodies of the government including the infrastructure of the bodies and the absence of united perspective among the bodies of the government for database applications and problems of the detailed and stored data, and the difficulty of dependence in the exchange of data among ministries as a step towards e-government and ways to overcome.

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