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The vision

It is the distinguish in performance and provides supporting for the university to be contiguous development and improve the educational process to upgrade its goals and getting the global standers for excellence.

The Mission  

This unit makes good efforts to ensure fine quality in all administrative, search, and educational activities in the college, that is through maximum usefulness from all the capabilities, resources of the college by sharing all the staff to meet the need of the society and the requirements of the labor market according to the national standers.

The Goals  

-Making efforts to ensure fine quality for all the college’s activities, specially the academic programs and scientific research.

-Enhancing the fine quality culture and supporting its procedures and its methods.

-Reviewing and limiting the college’s strategy, its mission, its main target in the light of developments and new methods to develop and to improve the higher education.

- Collecting the studies results, the internal checking up, and analyzing them to show the strength and weakness points, and presenting suggestions to improve the college’s performance.

- Presenting support for academic program to achieve its goals.

- Doing field visits to the college’s departments and units.

-Preparing the job description for all staff in the college according to their class and limiting the training needs to improve the job performance for the staff.

- Establishing data base for programs and scientific grades that are granted by the college and the administrative units to follow up the educational process.

The work plan for the assurance fine quality and evaluation performance unit 

- Documentation the mission, the vision and the strategic goals for the college and the mechanism of its updating.

- Spreading the assurance of fine quality among the teaching staff and the students and members of staff in the college.

- Finding data base and electronic information for the college’s human resources and materials to get benefits from them in planning the policies and improving strategies also setting updating procedures.

- Evaluating the different activities needs in the college and work on developing and rehabilitating the human resources through training and rehabilitating also maximizing the benefit from the available material resources.

-Adapting authenticated academic standers for study programs that are granted by the college, and making procedures that make them granting their completion.

-Documentation the description of the programs and curriculum in the college.

- Following up the preparation and documentation of curriculum adopting and the study programs in the college

-Setting following up and evaluation system inside the college includes evaluation of :

a-    Academic performance for the teaching staff.

b-    The annual evaluation for the officials.

c-     Student's performance and activities.

d-    The society serving.

e-    The scientific and search activities.

f-     Methods and procedures for the scientific and administrative departments to achieve the college’s plans.

g-    The college’s resources to limit the usefulness from them and suggesting the improving plans.

- Establishing system to follow up the graduate and communicating with them and with the beneficiaries to limit the services quality that the college can present and correct their performance.

-Preparing and spreading annual report for the college reflects the performance level in all the college’s activities, includes execution plan to improve what is granted   the search, educational good process and the social participating and that according to documented data.

- Coordinating with all administrative, scientific departments to prepare the college to get the authentication

- Communicating and interacting with all concerned authorities by the improving performance and the fine quality assurance through the college’s deanship and the university performance fine quality assurance department in the university.




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