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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 12:23


University of Baghdad started the Iraqi administrative reform project to set up criteria for establishment performance, spread development culture and help in developing the consulting services procedures.

Dr.Kadom Umran the director of Mediain University of Baghdad said “the project   sponsored by American agency for development (USAID) is applied in several ministries with cooperation with the general integrity for ministries council."

He added that the university makes efforts through the project   to enhance the colleges’ abilities with its other educational formations through carrying out self-evaluation activities and preparing and following up for plans and following the procedures for achieving the targets.

Mr.Umran continued that the beginnings of the project foundation witnessed joint meetings between the Baghdad university presidency and the representatives of number of active financial investment, consultant, planned establishments that support in achieving the administrative project especially, through cooperating with the technical experts and carrying out the scientific steps like the work plans and analysis, planning , exchanging of experiences  ,following up, and evaluation.

He assured that the university  needs to renew developing  continuing education center  and form   entity for establishment developing , besides  following administrative programs contribute in achieving the scientific results to serve new Iraq and marketing  them through the university media, spreading developing and superiority culture inside and outside the establishment .


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