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Monday, 02 April 2012 12:19

Responding to the invitation for the Dean of the College of Science/University of Baghdad from the General Secretariat of the Association of Colleges of Science of the Association of Arab Universities to attend the ninth meeting of the Assembly and the Olympic Games in mathematics held at the University of the Holy Spirit-Kaslik-Lebanon for the period 7-9/2012. The following names traveled to participate in the Olympics:

• Prof. Dr. Salih Mahdi Ali / Dean of the College of Science.

• Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamid Majid / teaching staff in the department of Mathematics.

• Ibrahim Ali Abdul-Hussein / fourth-grade student / Department of Mathematics

• Inas Mustafa Kamel / fourth-grade student / Department of Mathematics.

The  activities started   on Tuesday, 7/2/2012 to meet  the President of the host university (Kaslik)  Dr. Hadi Mahfouz, and the presence of Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi / Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities, and Dr. Hashim Ahmed Yousif, Mr. / Secretary-General of Association of Colleges of Science, a large number of Iraqi and Arabic dean's colleges of Science. Then the delegation visited some facilities of the university to see what library contains of books and periodicals in addition to the workshop for the restoration of books and manuscripts of historical value, and visited some laboratories of College of Science. When the meeting of the Executive Committee was held,   the Iraqi delegation   selected our candidature   to represent Iraq's colleges in the Executive Committee.  Membership applications submitted by some of the colleges affiliated to universities, which are members of the Association of Arab Universities, including the Colleges of science   of the Universities of Kufa and Dhi Qar, Iraq, and Zagazig, Egypt, was discussed at the meeting.

In the second day, the meeting started with the general counsel of the Union to ratify the minutes of the eighth meeting of the previous assembly then the financial report and literature of the Assembly were discussed, later they discussed the developments of   the Union and then the receipts of applications for determining the date and place of the next tenth meeting.

The examination of students participated in the Mathematics Olympiad, was conducted. Students were attended from various Arab universities, including: University of Baghdad College of Science, University of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine, Syria, Jordan ... etc., and thank Allah our students achieved outstanding results despite our knowledge of the fields of the materials required in the exam was unknown. The first participation was for our university. The students of our college gained the second and the third scores. Then, Dean of College of Science University of Kaslik and Secretary-General of the Federation of Association of Colleges of Science were doing honor to them. Adopting biology to be next Olympics session.

The last day included a variety of lectures, including:

  • Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and (JAAUBAS) Applied Sciences.
  • The journal is released under the umbrella of the international publishing house and published research ELSEVER colleges participating in the Union for free. The Secretary-General of the Association asked the colleges participating universities to include the magazine within the sober journals. It is hoped soon to get the degree of gravity of the Impact Factor after the statutory period, according to generally accepted international contexts.
  • Discussing the Deans' proposals on the next Olympics (a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Adnan Alham - Dean of the College of Science University of Al-Quds - Palestine).
  • Developing    scientific Arabic journals ranked among   international journals (lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Fouad Kettaneh - Dean of the College of Science - University of Jordan).
  • Private universities and their roles  in the Arab World (a lecture delivered by Dr. Faleh Hamza - Dean of the College of Science - Private University of Kalamoon - Syria).
  • Cooperative training for students of the Colleges of Science – the importance and  the constraints  - (a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khamash - Dean of the College of Applied Science - University of Umm Al-Qura).


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