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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 08:52


Under the auspices of the college of Science/University of Baghdad, Iraq's student Foundation held its first program of human development at the Hall of Martyr al-Hakim in Baghdad University/Jadiriyah on Sunday 11/3/2012. The program included a Dean's speech of College of Science, delivered by Prof. Dr. Harith al-Ibrahim, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs welcomed the idea of establishing such a program in the corridors of the University of Baghdad, saying that building the future of this country is a great responsibility rests mostly on the students as youths   who are the mainstay of the country.

He also pointed that functions of Iraqi institutions and civil-society organizations are helping to establish the principles and values, and develop the capacity of students to promote the reality of scientific and educational level. He also recommended students to uphold the values and ideals, and not be affected by the negative phenomena that have wracked the country from time to time.

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