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Sunday, 13 May 2012 10:10

A team work from Baghdad university has got a patent consists of the following lecturers:

- Ali Abid Husien Kadom lecturer / college of Science

- Prof. Saad Abid Al hay Baji / college of Agriculture

- Dr. Akram Thabit Saed Al Rawi / college of Agriculture

- Mr. Mohammad Farooq Al Qazaz / college of Agriculture

Naming the invention:

Industrialization the Prebiotic from growing the aspergillus niger on the wheat bran or corn cobs and used in improving the immune, physiological productive features for hens and albumen chicken, and the semen of the rosters.

Summary of the Patent

The prebiotic is a non-starch oligosaccharide like fructooligosaccharide ,galactooligosacharid and sialyloligosaccharide also clocan and kieteen, in which the important benefits cannot be digestive by the digestive enzymes in the Gut. Therefore, it remains on its state. Its benefits work to block the existed receptors on the epithelial and prevent stocking of the harmful microbiologists on it and extracted out, also the beneficial bacteria work to use them as food where its number increased next to the harmful bacteria. Also it has many benefits such as ads raising the body immune therefore it is regarded this starchy with great importance for its role in raising the immune to the body human and animal when it used as an alternative of the antibiotic which has several side effects, and many countries started to prevent or to limit its use then reducing the need to use these antibiotic for its many disadvantages on health, for example: the modern statistical studies show that in USA, it has been provided 61.000000 $ in 2003. Consequently, for using the periodic and vital enhancements.

According to many problems and losses resulted from diseases, and defaults in animal fields, and because what was mentioned previously from the default using of antibiotic and because of the availability of the raw material for growing mushroom farm which it is wheat bran or crushed corn cobs and the large quantities of thousands tons, which is produced in the form of production of waste of grain industry. Recent study has conducted manufacture complete Aspergillus Niger , used it as prebiotic in hens and albumen chicken and studied its effects in productive performance, some physiological immunity features and the semen features for rosters.

The team has conducted from the results from the study that what is adding to the complete Aspergillus Niger positive effects in improving the economic features for hens and albumen chicken and some physiological, immunity and semen features besides improving the microbe balance in Gut for hens were using large quantities of antibiotic to improve the mentioned features, so its using as an alternative for antibiotics resulted in a large economic rising through developing productive performance for these birds and through large savings it used for buying drugs without side effects on bird and human who are consumers for its productions.



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