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Sunday, 27 May 2012 12:52


Recently, published the issue (1) volume (53) of Iraqi journal of science for the year 2012 on 31/3/2012 within the dead line for the issued program of the journal magazine volumes. It contains 30 research, 3 of them are for chemistry department. 7 of them are for biology department and the biologic research for tropical areas, 2 of them are for biologic technologies, 3 of them for physics, 7 of them for mathematics, 2 of them for computer science. 2 of them are for geology, and 4 of them for astronomy and remote-sensing unit.

The number of researchers of our college is 31, besides the participation of 27 researchers from various Iraqi universities and academic research institutions as the following:

- College of science/ university of Damascus

- College of Education/university of Basra

- College of science/ Mustansyria University

- Technical Institute of Medicine

- Board of Technical Education

- College of Medicine/Nahrain University

- The General Board of Palms

- Agricultural Ministry

- The General Board for Ground Water

- Ministry of water Resources

- College of science /university of Diala

- Education College- Abin Rushd/ university of Baghdad

- Education College / Mouse University

- College of science / Dehouk University

- College of science/ solaymania

- Iraqi Board for Computers and Informatics

- Institute of Administration

- Board of Technical Education

- Electricity ministry

- Renewed Energy Unit

Copies of research have been distributed after their extractions of the journal volume to the researchers, knowing that it can get copies of the mentioned volume from the secretarial of the Iraqi journal of science at college of science.


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