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Sunday, 03 June 2012 22:21


Under the slogan (Science transcends nations), the scientific symposium was held  and entitled  (processing and analyzing the digital images ) at  Al Edreesi Hall / College of Science.  The seminar was attended by the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs as a representative of the Dean. The symposium included two sessions.   In first session,  5 lectures were delivered; the second session 5 lectures also   other  5 lectures were delivered by specialized lecturers in this field in the department of computer science. At the end of the session,  participants record the number of the following recommendations:

1- Urge the students on choosing projects, which aim  to develop the  knowledge in medical applications by using a computer.

2- Encourage the scientific departments to cooperate with each other to develop research that aimed to use computerized methods in the medical and industrial field.

3- Specify sufficient funds to establishing specialized laboratories in applications of digital processing

4- Provide appropriate opportunities to cooperating in this field with   Research organizations  in the developed world

5- Urge  the relevant ministries ( Health Ministry, Industrial Ministry) on providing technical support  for universities through facilitating the supply of medical samples, with allowing for the specialists in these ministries joint supervision on research, thesis and project of postgraduate




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