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Thursday, 07 June 2012 10:19


Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali the Dean of college of science headed a delegation to the National Institution for geophysical and astronomic research in Egypt –Cairo- Halwan, the delegation included both of Dr. Harith Ibraheem Jaafar, the assist dean for Scientific Affairs and Dr. Kamal Aboud, head of the department of astronomy.

The delegation met the president of the institution Prof. Hatim Hemdi Auda who welcomed this visit. The dean of college of science has been referred to the scope of common cooperation between Iraqi and Egyptian people, as well as well as the great interest which initiates in common cooperation between college of science and Astronomy Institution, Dr.Hatim Hamdi, the President of Institution has welcomed this good initiative of college of science, and he expressed the full readiness to conduct a cooperative agreement between college of Science and Astronomy Institute and participation and actual attendance at conferences that seminars will be held at Baghdad University /College of Science in next September, also training lecturers and postgraduate on devices and equipments, which are available in the institution.

Dr.Hatim declared, “ the common scientific coordination between us should not be affected by factors and political events between the two countries, also it is our responsible to take care of the brother Iraqi people, especially, students and researchers through training in all the specializations related to our Institute. The cooperation will continue through participating in sending a high- level delegation to develop the relations and cooperation between college of science and Astronomy Institute”

The delegation has directed to visit the Astronomy observatory in Egypt in Katamia Area where this observatory contains on the large telescope, type of reflector telescope, by diameter mirror 1.88 meter.

Dr. Ahmed Essam has welcomed this visit and delivered a detailed explanation for this observatory where the team is informed of the procedures of maintaining the 1.88 meter mirror, also on the operating system of monitoring. Dr. Ahmed Essam has thanked the efforts of the country in supporting this observatory where the operating procedures have been developed and make it work in programmed method through the central computer, then the team had a lunch meal with Dr. Ahmed in gust house, The visit has continued for six hours.

Scientific symposium in using NANO

Chemistry Department held, by auspices of Dr. Musa Al- Mousawi the President of Baghdad University, a scientific symposium entitled “ Using of NANO materials in solar cells “ on Thursday 19/4/2012, on Dr. Jalal Mohammad Salih Hall with the cooperation of the:

-          Solar Energy Center

-          Ministry of Technology

-          Fuel and renewed energy center/ Technology University

-          Sola energy research center/ministry of industry

The symposium included delivering a number of lectures by the specialized lecturers in NANO- Technology and from the mentioned ministries as the following :

-          Prof. Falah Ibraheem Al Attar, Ministry of Technology

-          Prof. Ali Hadi Al Hamdani, Head of Fuel and renewed energy center/ Technology University

-          Dr. Abid Allagh Suhail/Physics Department/College of Science

-          Prof. Jamal Hmood Suad/Solar Energy Center

The most important recommendations have emerged from the symposium as the following:

-          Work and coordination with the shared establishments in the symposium to hold a scientific conference for the related research with the symposium’s topic

-          Recommendations in presenting common research projects for post and undergraduate in fields of NANO technologies and their uses in solar cells to enhance cooperation among chemistry department and other establishments

A symposium for Division of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Division in college of science held a symposium entitled “ Applications of Sigma 6 in developing the quality of higher education “ . Dr. Abid Allah Hikmet Al Nakkar from college of business and economy delivered a lecture by the same mentioned title

The symposium is attended by Dr. Basim Al Abdali, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, Mr. Salah Borhan, Head of Quality Assurance Division, welcomed the attendants, then Dr. Abid Allah Hikmat delivered his lecture on the subject.

The attendants participated in the discussion of ideas that raised, and the opinions are exchanged with regard to in developing assurance in higher education


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