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Saturday, 15 September 2012 00:00

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research has announced its university calendar which started on 23/9/2012. The Head of the planning and studies establishment Dr. Khamees Al-Dulaimi said that” ministry of higher education decided that the first day of its university calendar will be Sunday 23/9/2012 for the study year 2012/2013, he added  in a directed popularization to all universities and to the technical education board that the ministry determined the first semester will be 15 weeks starts on 23/9/2012 and ends on 11/1/2013, followed directly by the examinations of the first semester for colleges that follows the semester system , and the half annual examinations for the colleges that follows the annual system on Saturday 12/1/2013”.

Mr. Al-Dulaimi explains  that the second semester which lasts for 15 weeks will start on Sunday 17/2/2013 and will end on 7/6/2013 , the final exams for the first term on 8/6/2013.

And he points out that the summer holyday will continue for two months starts on  1/7/2012 ,followed by the exams of the second term on 1/9/2013,



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