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Monday, 12 November 2012 00:00

Under the slogan ( By Science and Knowledge Iraq is prospering ) and by the attending of the college Dean Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali and the Head of Computer Science department, Dr. LouayAdwar George , the department hold honoring ceremony for the top ten students to all department’s study levels , the  ceremony was attended by the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs ,Dr.Harith Ibraheem Jafaar, and the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr.Basim Ibraheem Al-Abdaly, the Head of Astronomy ,Dr. Kamal Mohammad Aboud , The appreciation certificates were distributed to students with a copy of Holy Quran as appreciation gift for each of them, the students expressed their gratitude for the department’s Initiative and regarding their honoring as a motive on continuing their superiority in all the subsequent stages, and they praised the parental relationship with the teaching staff through their daily deal with the students and stimulating them to be characterized and advanced at their scientific level. The ceremony was supervised by Assistant Miss. Harraa Salman Mohammad, ,techear Miss.Sohaila Najim Mohammad ,and the fourth level student Abid-Allah NajimAbid Dawood , The media coverage was by the coordinator of the Media Unit, Mr.Ali Mhaisin Al-Attabi


First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage


Frank FrederikJabri

Saba AyadToamaa

Haneen Ahmed Shakir

Soroor Ahmed Hasan

ABid-Allah NajimDawood

Mohammad HadiJabor

Ahmed Abidl-ShakoorMahmood


Ali ThamirAbid-Ameer


YuosraMajid Ali

Anwar Ali Chaloob

Dinwa Alawi Abidl-Kadom

Mohammad Ali Mohammad

MarwaAbid-Kareem Sobhi

Mohammad NajimAbidl-Rida

SajadHaitham Hindi


EsraaJwad Husain

Reem Mohammad Mahmood



Wid Ali Hussain


Huda Gani Salman


Ahmed Yonis Abid-Kadom

Sara Abidl-Raheem





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