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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 17:23

Under the Slogan (Scientific Research is the base for people progressing) Under the auspices of His Excellency Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr. Ali Mohammad Al-Adeeb the first world conference for remote sensing techniques and digital images processing was held in The College of Science University of Baghdad from 11-12/11/2012 on Al Hakeem Martyr  Gallery. The conference was attended by a large number of researchers, as well as teaching staff, and heads of scientific departments. Also, a large number of the college students attended the conference as well as a number of media channels who documented the conference activities lasting for two days.

The conference  ceremony started with verses of  the Holy Quran Recited by Dr. Ahmed Al-Bannaa  Head of Geology Department in College of Science , followed by  the speech of the conference auspices Dr. Waleed Al-Hili ( Member o Iraqi Parliament ) and, the speech of Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali the Dean of College of Science   Chairman of the Preparatory Committee. After that  some national poems were delivered in the ceremony  by Dr. Ameen Alyasi from Geology Department and Mr.Ali Mhaisin Al-Attabi the coordinator of  the Information and Media Unit ,Dr Alaa S'oud Head of Remote Sensing Unit ( which organized the conference ) delivered  also his scientific lecture  in the field of remote  sensing

At the end of the ceremony , the President of the university and the Dean honored the distinguished  guests with the conference medal , then the Dean thanked to all those who supported the conference as they are following :

Ministry of Higher Education

Youth and sports Ministry

Agriculture Ministry

Environment Ministry

Oil Ministry

Water Resources Ministry

Planning and Development Cooperation Ministry

Asia Cell Company for communications

Then, the scientific research   Sessions started  in a  group of the college galleries concurrently, scientific research delivered at these sessions in the field of remote sensing and its applications , which the expert  researchers contributed  in writing  them , it is important to mention that , the remote sensing has many applications so  the researchers focused on  many of them. The abstracts of the research  will be published if obtained them in the college site on the WEB- Remote Sensing Page , the research will publish also on the Iraqi Magazine for Science , it is now possible to know some abstracts and  the specialization of the research  that were published in the conference from the published information on the electronic conference page or from the conference brochure.

 The conference sessions  on the second day 12/11/2012

Fourth session:

This session conducted on Al-Edresi Gallery, it addressed the( research within  geographic information systems and remote sensing topic) , this session is headed by Dr.Loay Adwar George , Head of Computer Science Department, the  Rapporteur of the session was Dr. Esraa Jameel Mohsen.

Fifth session :

This session was held in computer science department , it contained ( research within images processing topic ), it is headed by Dr. Ali Talib Mohammad , Rapporteur of the session was Dr. Kamal Mohammad Mahood the Head of Astronomy Department .

Sixth session :

This session eas held at Geology Department on Esam Al-Rawi Gallery ( within remote sensing , geographic information systems, and remote sensing topic ) , the session was headed by Dr. Raad Mohammad Salih Al-Haddad the Head of Physics Department , and the  Rapporteur of the session was Dr. Nawal Khalaf gazal. 

Seventh   session:

This session was  conducted at l- Edreesi Gallery  (the research within remote sensing and geograohic systems topic) the session was headed  by Dr. Harith Ibraheem Jaffar, and  the Rapporteur of the session was Dr. Waleed Abid Al-Majeed Ahmed.

Eighth session:

The session was started in one of computer science department galleries  ( the research within images processing) , it was headed by Dr. Bushra Kasim Al-Ebody, and the  Rapporteur of the session was Dr. Faisal Gazi Mohammad.

At the end of the scientific sessions , the conference was ended the recommendations , the Dean thanked and appreciated all who made efforts and supported in succeeding  this scientific edifice , wishing them all success in serving our prestigious college     .

The conference recommendations:

Through the lectures and  research that the125 expert  researchers  remote sensing applications and digital images processing from Iraq and brothers from Egypt  participated  in the conference.

The participants decided the following recommendations ,     hopping  to be taken into consideration to Publish the  scientific and cultural awareness for these important specializations in their applications at all aspects , because they are modern science and there is no exception for any engineering or scientific establishment to benefit from the  out puts .  the  main recommendations of the Conference as  the  following points :

Spreading remote sensing techniques and digital images processing  culture through approving the two subjects  to be  the  curriculum topics for postgraduates  and  undergraduates in relevant scientific departments .

Preparing the amounts in budges of the colleges and the relevant research centers to provide them new and licensed  programs related to remote sensing and digital images processing topics  to  improve the performance of teaching staff and research to communicate with the update of the subject and to improve the research performance .

Making efforts to develop the Unite capabilities and specialized research centers through providing the training opportunities  on them  inside or outside the country, and providing the modern  equipment and devices .

Finding  presiders  to  get satellite images easily  which is regarded the foundation stone in developing the relevant research , and we suggest that  finding archiving Unit in Baghdad University, distributed  through it the satellite images for all the state institutions and the private sector  as needed

Emphasis on the principle of cooperation among the  research centers and unites in Iraqi universities with the world and Arab  state institutions and exchanging  the experiences and training on the updates for these subjects.

Emphasis on finding cooperation  opportunities  with the world and Arab institutions and exchanging the expertise and shared courses.

Directing the researchers to the need of working on applied research that  serve in finding solutions for problems which the state suffers from them.

Providing the real  financial and moral support for the pioneering research which treating  real  applications problems

Sending the specialized researchers in this field for training in the top  world establishments in the field of remote sensing and digital images processing.




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