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Wednesday, 26 December 2012 13:49

His Excellency Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research congratulated Christians within his statement that gifted to Christians in Iraq and the world  during the charismas celebrations and calling to inspire the lessons of tolerance that  are inspired by Jesus to be adapted by people to live side by side together under the state of  citizenship and equality that combine all Iraqis.

His Excellency added that in the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ the son of Mary ( peace be upon him )and the honor of this day that the God’s miracle illuminated the west and east of the earth with light of forgiveness, love and mercy. I would like to congratulate all Christians in Iraq and the world and to send them special gratitude and faithful wishes to live in good and peace.

His Excellency went on saying that the birth of Jesus (peace be upon him )was immortal for  all humanity history dominated by the meaning of tolerance and peace among all human being and the anniversary  of this glory day will remain as  a beacon for all of us to be inspired through those noble  lasting meanings that founded by Jesus Christ and reinforced by our prophet Muhammad  Ibn Abd Allah , (Allah praying be upon him and his relatives).

His Excellency stressed that in this momentous occasion, I am calling all the Iraqi Christians to live kindly side by side with their Muslim brothers and all other religions, the cowardly terrorists operations that targeted the innocent Christians during the past years, which conducted by the same criminals that targeted all the Iraqis no matter what their religion, nationality or affiliation. The terrorism has no believe, Iraqis should remain equal together in this generous country . This will allow to make Iraq country provides brotherhood for all nationalities and religions    in spite of all criminal attempts that sons of darkness want to send the people of one unity to be apart.



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