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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 00:00


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced that the  10th  of next  March is the deadline for receiving the creative  productions    for annual creativity competition , which is organized by Ministry of Youth for students from Iraqi Institutions and  Universities and others from youth talented  in the six specialties    . The completion which is held with the coordination of the Iraqi Media Network aims to evaluate the scientific creativities for students from Iraqi institutions and universities and enabling  the  creative energies to contribute in building the better and  advanced Iraq., besides motivating students ad talented youth to deliver their best scientific creative  products . The competition includes the following six specialties :  


  • Medical Creativity
  • Engineering Creativity
  • Pure Science Creativity
  • Agriculture and veterinary Science Creativity
  • Literature Creativity
  • Management and Economic  Creativity 


The official spokesman announced that"  it was  decided to form specialized  committees from the prominent professors of the universities  to study and evaluate the presented creativities and selecting the winners noting that the winners will get  large financial rewards  , besides moral awards will be presented to the winners .




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