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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 00:00

Under the auspices of  Minister of Youth and Sports Engineer Jasim Mohammad Jaafar  (with the cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  In College of Science /University of Baghdad  , Ministry of Youth and Sports / Scientific Care Department / scientific creativity and talents section  ) established the first scientific festival  on Wednesday 27/2/2013 , the festival was attended by

Dr. Alaa Abd Al-Hussein Abd  Al-Rasool  - President of Baghdad University  ,

Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali Dean of College of Science ,

Dr. Nada Al- Ansari Dean of College of Science for women ,

the    Assistant general  manager for scientific care department / Ministry of youth and sport Engineer Abhath Abbl-Rahman Salih

Dr. Harith Ebraheem Jafaar , Asstant Dean for Academic Affairs /college of science

Dr.Basim ebraheem Al-Abdali Assitant Dean for Administrative Affairs/ college of science

Miss. Bushra Faris Hasan / Assistant Dean /college of science for women

The President of the university delivered a speech of thanking  for the efforts to hold this festival , and his excellency stressed on the importance of holding such activities to take care of the top and talented students and he  urged them on making more  efforts  to serve the scientific path In the country , after that , the Dean of college of science delivered his speech, presenting his thanks to the President of the university ,and to Ministry of Youth and sport for the efforts to serve the university and its students , also  the Dean of college of science for women  delivered a word of thanks for the good efforts  in establishing this festival calling for establishing such festivals.  Then the President moved to see the activities and scientific efforts witch offered by the students , and  he expressed his admiring by urging them to make more efforts at  this fields.

With  poetic   and scientific competitions  were conducted  between girls  students of college of science for women and students of college of science that ended  with the victory of college of science . then the Dean of college of Science with Engineer Abhath Abdl-Rahman  presented different  awards for the Dean and for some of the teaching staff , and some financial awards also were presented for the participated  students in the festival and for the students who win at the competitions .

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