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Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00

 Under the auspices of the President of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Alaa Abdel  Hussein Abdel  Rasoul , Mathematics Department Held  entitled  scientific symposium “The Impact of Mathematics in other Science ”  On Al-Edreesi Gallery  , 14/4/2013 , with  the presence of French Prof. Dr. Michael Jumbo  and   a number of  the teaching staff from   Al-Nahrain University , College of Science for women, and a number of the department’s students , the symposium has  been opened by of the College of Science Dean Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali Speech , that he  welcomed   Dr. Michael Jumboin it  , then a speech was delivered by Math. Department Head Dr. Raed  Kamil Naji   he also   welcomed and presenting Dr. Jumbo , the symposium was started by delivering  Dr. Fadil Sobhi  lecture  from Al –Nahrain University / College of Science , Math. & Computer Applications Department. The lecture was entitled :

“Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Science”

Then Dr. Jumbo delivered  the entitled lecture “ Pythagoras Theorem “ and gave different profs for this theory.

The symposium was finished by the entitled lecture for Dr. Hussein Ali Mohammad  from College of Science for Women / University of Baghdad  :

“Mathematical Model for the Van Meegran Art Forgeries ”




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