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Monday, 22 April 2013 00:00


Under the auspices of the College of Science Dean Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali , the College Deanship has celebrated the fifty-sixth anniversary for establishing Baghdad University   with the scientific departments in the college, and among its various activities , exhibitions  held in that sections , College of Science also shared  with the Central Library Exhibition   by the participating of Educational Guidance Committee  In  photography  exhibition , supervised by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Dr. Harth Ibraheem Jaffar  .


The exhibition was opened by Dr. Alaa Abdel- Hussein , His Excellency  took a tour  in the exhibition s that were  held including the self- developing theses exhibition and with the coordination of Iraqi Center for Creativity ( Continuous Learning Section)  , Dr Asmaa Kasim Shareef handed the  Educational Guidance Medal For the President of the University, honoring him for his efforts on this occasion .

Organized exhibition also held on College’s Corridors representing various activities for the students  that shared by the different departments of the college ,Sport Unit, and Art  Unit   , the exhibition was opened by the College Dean Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali  In the Deanship yard with the presence of Dr. Harith Ibraheem Haffar , and a group of the teaching staff , finally the Dean Expressed his thanks and appreciation for everyone who contributed in these wonderful activities 

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