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Saturday, 18 May 2013 14:58


It is important to develop  programs concerning with environment  and making efforts  for (the sustainable development of the environment)  to  ensure a good environment for future generations from this point  the environmental Center began working on unifying all efforts And the involving  of highest number of the  country  states ,  and institutions of the civil society represented  by Assembly ( together to protect the human  and environment) which the initiative belongs to it, by  the  cooperation of  Iraqi Student Establishment , we start together  the project of Environment  Ambassadors in Iraq,  through  (sessions of Environmental skills) the concept of Environmental Skills is relatively good  And it is various  in  application from one place to another according to nature of the environment , So we have adopted one of our  strategies  that enabling  the student skills to help them  in facing  the  environmental variables  through:


-          training ,  learning, and enhancing  the capacity of students

-          their abilities in building the future environment

-          Facing  problems and difficulties with high confidence self

-          In addition to the above , presenting  a scientific training  reference material

The project was started on  5/1/2013 after getting the approval   of the President of University of Baghdad Prof. Alaa Abedl – Hussein , our goals in this program are   the students from different colleges , besides to the students of Ministry of Education, the second Karkh  educational directorate , the active role for the students of College of Science and the Deanship which is represented by the Dean of the  College Dr. Salih Mehdi Ali was very important in succeeding  the Environmental Skills Session  which was  held in the College of Science / Continuing Education Gallery, the training  session included  practicing for three days relying on feeding the student  by different skills ( communication skill, gaining support skill, environmental media skill , working  by the team  spirit  skill , how to be a trainer, the ability to analyze the environmental situation ,  as well as a field day for  applying all the skills with external environment,   The students  were granted  participating  Certificates by the Environmental  Laboratory Head  Dr. Moataz Al Dabbas,

Central Environmental Laboratory

Rapporteur of Environment Forum at the University of Baghdad

Ali A. Shkarah


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