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About the department of physics

The department of physics was established in1949 with the college of science in Baghdad university .During these 63 years, the department was and still is a great source for spreading science and knowledge and the place for dealing with many scientific dilemmas. Many of its graduates reached high positions both inside Iraq and abroad. Also many of them became prominent scientists worldwide.

The department is known for its keeping up with the progress in science by holding up conferences and symposiums which deal with the latest advancement in physics as well as in other branches of science.

Throughout the years, physics department has been developing in all aspects, scientifically, technically and also on its administrative side. Post graduates studies (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) started in 1956 .Today, these studies have good reputation for its solid scientific work since it includes a very wide spectrum of studies to include research in many fields of physics.

Still the department seeks the better and the best scientifically, to reach the levels of the advanced universities of the world. It is the department aspiration to become a faculty of physics and astronomy, since it possesses all the scientific qualifications and the needed human resources. It will then be involved with several branches of physics and astronomy in order to meet the demand of the country towards progress and to promote the scientific, technological and cultural levels towards a bright future. The aim is to establish a distinct faculty of physics and astronomy, the first in Iraq and in the Arabic and Middle East countries and at the same level as that of its counterparts universities in the developed world.

  • Historical review of the physics department
  • Plans of the scientific research in the physics department
  • The Iraqi group of laser and molecular physics
  • School of Baghdad for renewable energy resources.
  • Cultural curriculum
  • The Iraqi journal of physics

The department objectives:

The department pays particular attention to the study of pure and applied science to qualify students in both the theoretical and the practical sides of physics so that they will be able to pursue their higher studies and to play a distinct role in research and development when working in scientific and industrial installations.

Graduate qualifications:

Physicists played a key role in the great developments of the twentieth century in the field of science and technology which prompted them to be at the top list of scientists and innovators of the world. Physics departments of the Iraqi universities have been working to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills in many diverse fields of physical knowledge (theoretical and practical) to meet the needs of the various institutions in society. The graduate will then possess a diverse amount of information that will qualify him to work in many fields of research and industry where he will deal with sophisticated devices that rely on its manufacturing and operation on large and diverse knowledge experience. Top rank graduates can complete higher studies in the different fields of physics.

Graduate future:

Graduates of college of science – physics department can work in different fields of industry, medicine and agriculture as well as working as researchers in the different fields of physics .Also they are able to work in ministries of education, higher education health, industry, petroleum, environment, science and technology, defense, interior and the ministry of electricity.

Prof. Dr. Raad Mohammed Saleh Al-haddad

Head of department



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