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Friday, 24 May 2013 18:33

Head of department summary

By: Prof. Dr. Raad M. S. Al-Haddad

What make the science of physics so important is its interpretations of the natural phenomena; Where concepts of physics first began in the depth of the mysteries of nature, long time before being understood by the human mind.


My colleagues  and  I are honored  and proud  to have all agreed to delve into  the world of physics and its impact on  the  continuous advancing  of  science, which is the  first  scientific foundation  that have contributed  to the development and growth of human  creativity, through the theories and  principles of physics  to  explain   most micro and macro phenomena. Starting from the atom and its constituents and what goes inside the human body with in the field of medical physics and physical chemistry ending up with the changes within the earth layer, the atmosphere, the sun, the moon   and all the other planets.

The message of the Physics department is working hard to draw from the fountain of knowledge and to provide the community with outstanding  scientific  personnel  to overcome obstacles and scientific problems facing state enterprises.

The Physics department is constantly keeping pace with scientific and cultural progress by holding many symposiums, seminars and conferences which deal with the latest development in the physical science. It has all the scientific capabilities and human resources with highly excellent skills in  teaching  and research. Through them, the department has witnessed major   development at all levels; scientifically, technically and administratively and also because of working together between most fields of physics and through the interaction of the staff members as a family.

The department at state of continuous renewal  since  it was established in 1949, going through the introduction  of higher studies, for M.Sc   in 1965 for Master and  Ph.D degree  in 1978, with  one student  only up , until  today when it provide the community with outstanding scientific personnel every year. In addition to the many graduates with B.Sc. degree.  

Physics department includes different specialties:

  • Nuclear and environmental physics
  • Molecular Physics and renewable energy
  • Physics of material and ceramic
  • Electroptics and laser physics.
  • Thin film and  superconductivity physics.
  • Nano technology physics.
  • Remote sensing and image processing .
  • Plasma physics.

The widespread success achieved  by the department in the teaching and educational process over the last 63 years has been revealed within  the   research  area in most  disciplines  of physics  both in the theoretical and practical  side . And by publishing more than  80  scientific paper every year in well-known   journals.

The department was chaired by several pioneer professors , as listed below:

1- Prof.  Dr.Kenzy (British)--------- --------------    --(1949-1956)

2- Prof.  Dr. Abudul  jabar  Abdullah-----------------(1956)

3- Prof.  Dr. Salah  Izzat Tahsein----------------------(1956-1962)

4- Prof.  Dr. Jasim  Mohammed  Alhusany---------(1958-1962),  (1967-1969)

5- Prof. Dr. Mahmod  kammona---------------------(1962-1967

6-Prof. Dr.  Abbas  Al-Hassoun------------------------(1969-1970)

7-Prof.  Dr. Raheem abed Al-kittal--------------------(1970-1973)

8- Prof . Dr. Abul-Amer Al-kazaza---------------------(1973-1975),  (1994-1997)

9- Prof. Dr.  Ali Ataiea Abdullah-----------------------(1987-1989)

10-Prof .Dr. Razzak  Hameed Yousif----------------(1989-1992),  (1997-2003)

11 Prof . Dr. Hameed Mijwal Al-Naimie------------(1992-1994)

12- Prof. Dr.  Toama  Baha Chied---------------------(2003-2004), (2007-2011)

13- Prof . Dr. Raad  Abdul Kareem Radi ------------(2004-2007)

14-Prof. Dr. Raad Mohammed Saleh Al-haddad------(2011-till now)


An appreciation of  the pioneer professors, the department of physics had  named  two main lecture theaters after two famous  Professors : the late Dr. Jassim Al-Hussainy  and the late Dr.Raheem abud Ketel.

Finally, I would   like to express my  thanks and appreciation to   all staff members of  the physics department  for their persistence and hard work  as a family for the advancing of  the educational process in addition to their prominent research activities. 


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