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Sunday, 12 May 2013 00:00


Under the auspices of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr. Ali Mohammed Al-Adeeb with a number of representatives, and officials, University of Baghdad celebrated its annual celebration of  Science Day on Al-Hakeem Gallery, by the presence  of the President of Baghdad University Prof. Alaa Abdel-Hussein Abdel-Rasool,  Deans of the Iraqi Colleges  , a group of researchers , and the  teaching staff   on Thursday 2/5/2013 , its slogan  (By Science and scientists we build  Iraq ) for enhancing and  deepen the  concepts of distinction through choosing   who are  distinguished  scientifically by appreciating  them , and for being proud of them as   the  basic pillars   in the society, so we honoring this good group  first ,  to  spread the spirit of innovation and creativity ,  secondly,  to motivate the spirit of competition among them , third, directing  the  energies to  serve the state developmentally .  This  ceremony  was for their efforts included  the following steps: 

  • Honoring 35 Iraqi scientists by granting them the Medal of distinction .
  • Honoring 196 Professors  who holding the first rank on the university and professors who they are distinguished scientifically and world- known ,
  • Honoring the pioneers of the teaching members  who holding professors degree , one of them Prof. Thamir Al-Amiri from college of science  
  • Honoring  teaching members who getting a panted   
  • Honoring the distinguished postgraduate students  by publishing  research in a sober specialized scientific journal ,
  • Honoring  the  best  book ,author and translator who they got an  innovation award or a scientific creativity
  • Honoring  best project for  students of the ended- grades 

This  honor was based on sober scientific international criteria according to the UNESCO specialties  , and this celebration included two operetta shows for Al-Qadisia and Missan Universities about  the cultural heritage of Mesopotamia and its effect in the human thought.


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