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Saturday, 01 June 2013 00:00

His Excellency, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb directed the Iraqi universities to encourage faculty members and students to launch initiatives that aim at renouncing sectarianism and consolidating the spirit of tolerance and ideas that unite the Iraqi people . His Excellency also asked them to warn all the classes of the society to reject the plans of sabotage and the violent orientations .

In a word delivered in the monthly meeting of the advisory committee, His excellency added that all the Presidents of universities and educational institutions have to work hard to encourage the faculty members and students to launch initiatives that educate all the classes of the society and unite Iraqi people against the conspiracies that Iraq faces  .

His Excellency went on saying that the university elite enjoys the trust of the society and have to invest this trust in spreading the spirit of citizenship and ward off the sedition that the enemies of Iraq want to ignite, to sabotage the future of the country and destruct  all the factors of citizenship . The enemies also aim at destructing the common factors that join Iraqis from east to west and north to south with all their religious, racial and intellectual orientations . 

In the same context, His Excellency also added that the universities that all the countries of the world depend upon in building its future must be national incubators that contribute to the unification of the country and strengthen the ties of brotherhood and common destiny for all Iraqi people, especially when the campus brings together students from all Iraqi provinces with their different backgrounds and attitudes .

His Excellency stressed on the necessity of reviewing the curricula and developing them in a way that reject the thinking that establishes for extremism, disbelieving and abolishing the other . 

His Excellency concluded his speech with stressing on the importance of making the national common attitudes and the spirit of citizenship are the foundations in the culture received by the university students as a  prelude to consolidate them in all Iraqi society .


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