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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 00:00


It is our pleasure to know that  establishing of  the Environment  Ambassadors  program  in Iraq was started in the College of Science Deanship , which   supported by the College Dean himself, through directing the Heads of the departments for both choosing a number  of students to join the  environmental skills workshop  , and to spread  the culture  of (  my  college is my environment ), the number of candidates was  25 from the following departments : Chemistry, Physics, Biological Techniques , Biology and  Geology).

The session was characterized by the following marks :

first :  allowing  a wide range for  students from other colleges to join  this program such as : college of political science, college of Engineering , college of physical education , college of media , college of science for women) so this  advantage  made it  characterized by  the team work spirit and cooperative   mark , beside the scientific cultural exchanging among the students, which  was assured by the college ‘s deanship for  growing the scientific personality to  the academic student.

Second : the  workshop  marked by the presence of the fourth power represented by  Dr. Kadom Al-Omran the Director of  General Relations & Media department in the University of Baghdad , Dr.Al-Omran shared the students by his student spirit  their field trainings which included : projects , environmental ideas, environmental posters , and environmental waste recycling .

This session not only marked by the presence of the Baghdad University Media but also it witnessed the presence of the  satellite TV channels like Al-Sumeriah , and Al-Baghdadiah channels .

Third : this program  has extended to include not only the enrolling students but  also it expanded to include a number of the university students through forming field teams of the ambassadors who  work to invite  other students in order to enroll them in the program and its practical applications for enhancing the concept of the Sustainable development of the environment .

Finally ,  we express  our  thank to :

-          the ambassadors of the college  of Science and the participating students from other colleges .

-          the supervised staff of the session .

-          the central environmental laboratory .

-          Association of ( together to protect the human and  environment) .

-          establishment of ( Iraqi student  ) 

In addition to the above ,  we assert on the need of activating such programs that interested  in improving the student skills and responsibility sense towards University Environment .

Central environmental laboratory

The Director  of Ambassadors environment program  in Iraq

Ali Abdul Redah Shfarah   

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