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Monday, 24 June 2013 20:03


College of Science announces about its first publishing the experimental issue of the electronic (Science) magazine, on the first of June 2013 on the link:

It is a scientific ,cultural ,general magazine , issued on monthly basis, the purpose of launching this scientific project is to raise the level of the scientific culture for local society By opening the a wide range of the interaction between the scientific expertise of the college professors with various layers of Iraqi society. As the College of Science occupies a high status among all Iraqi educational establishments for possessing the top experiences with the variety of specialties in the fields of Pure and Applied Science, so  these accumulated experiences through the good  history of the college since its foundation in 1949 till now ,played an important cultural role among people represented by the Sharing of scientific experiences in many scientific and social activities .


our local society known throughout its ancient  history by its deep-rooted  love to all science , however all different crises that we suffered from, the cultural person and the scientist are a part of this society , yet we can see their  continuous interesting in culture and science, for this view the idea started of ​​ establishing an electronic scientific magazine its task to keep up with all the  new applications and scientific theories , plus publishing of thoughtful ideas in science, in a simple and understandable style  that make it easy to understand for all people - it is supposed that such articles should be characterized by generality- assuming that the reader does not required to have  any cultural background or initial information on the subject


As  the science have witnessed fast developments ,with the continuing findings for the new scientific discoveries every year ,including theories and applications of modern scientific specializations which they are enlarged  in its numbers and kinds that make  the specialists cannot comprehend all of them, for this reason the concept of specific specialization in science arose for years ago , considering that the holders of specific specialties are more able persons than others to go along with the modern developments that  taking place in scientific fields who they are interested in , as a result, the academic professors are the most capable writers in publishing the scientific culture by its details for the readers ,the benefits of using Internet are  regarded as the main factors helped in  spreading  the information  globally for quite some time , plus to the above the Internet assists the reader in the following steps  :

surfing the Internet has become one of the most successful methods used in publishing the scientific knowledge among the various layers of society , the  widespread of using the Internet for its speed in transferring the information and news around the world ,The continuous updating of information in using Internet make many of us using it to know the details and updates in scientific news which we may be heard about them from media channels like TV or printing press .

as there are many cultural scientific magazines all over the world their function first : transfers  the latest scientific developments to the different social classes and non-learners of science , second : explain the basic scientific concepts which used in technological applications ,as  most of these magazines are issued in foreign languages not know for the all , this resulted in reducing the Iraqi readers from viewing them generally , for what mentioned above , we intent to start an electronic Iraqi  ( Science) magazine now , after continuing  planning and preparing period of time nearly for two years, to issue a magazine on the Web site in order to allow the largest number of readers to benefit from its contents .


the categories that have wide range of scientific knowledge will be stronger to express their thoughts than the others and they would be able to produce future scientific experiences carrying the banner of the scientific technological progress .

The project of electronic (science ) magazine aims to provide knowledge to all categories of readers . this project is at the beginning , but we are making our best efforts to improve and strength it to be in the suitable level that befits the role of Iraqi scientists .

We hope that this important cultural project will enhance and restore the role of college of science /university of Baghdad and its effective contribution in supporting the Iraqi culture and the Iraqi intellectual , through publishing articles which marked by the easy language and interested in the various branches of the natural science; such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology Bio-technology, Earth Science, Computers and Mathematics , besides their specific specializations & applications branches like : remote sensing , Environment, and Bio- technology which exist in our College.

We hope from this project to expand not only in publishing the electronic copy of this magazine but also to issue the printing version in the near future. We regard this project as an attempt to bring life back to the good ( Science ) Iraqi magazine that stopped issued for more than ten years,

This project an invitation for the teaching staff of college of science and to the rest scientific Iraqi colleges , and to all the holders of scientific experiences, for interacting with the contents of this magazine and supporting it in writing articles, publishing on its pages, so by these essays they will  transfer their value academic experiments  to the others , and this procedure will work to increase the culture of the interested categories in science for the  non –learners science, this is hallmark  for the magazine in rising the scientific cultural level in our society .


          God Bless All

    Dr. Ahmad Abdul Razzaq Salman

 Head of the Information and Media Unit

 College of Science / University of Baghdad


Note :


  • We welcome all of the articles that are in the above mentioned fields
  • The articles should be characterized by Innovative , specialized , and simplicity at the same time.
  • There are selected Editorial Board of  holders large experience in various scientific specialties will choose  the proper selection of articles for publishing them on the pages of the magazine.


For more information , write to the following link please :

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or contact the Information and Media Unit / College of Science / University of Baghdad.






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