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Thursday, 26 September 2013 00:00


During the graduation ceremony of the 56th course of  Baghdad University students which named (coexistence and love) for the current academic year 2012-2013 , in the presence of a number of members  of Representatives ,ambassadors and a large collection of families of graduates ,His Excellency The  Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr.Ali Al-adeeb  said that we want university students to be a tool for change in the community for a bright future ,  carrying the banner of love and peace , the publishers of consciousness , the tolerance spirit  and coexistence between levels' community and its components. 


Al-adeeb added  that Iraq is going through a change stage  from an oppression culture  and exclusion of the other to the  culture of democracy and the expression of freedom, despite desperate attempts to stop the scientific progress in Iraq.  .


His Excellency  continued to say in his speech that "the political differences that are intended to overthrow the national unity is nothing but methods for failing to keep Iraq in the circle of ignorance and darkness.The universities are the best proof of the reunion unity of  all Iraq's communities under the tent of science and knowledge   and the graduates are the symbol for this unity So if we want to lead the nation we must work in the spirit of one team and the  developed countries did not reach this level only by cooperation and cohesiveness among citizens to return Iraq to the ranks of the developed nations in all fields.  


The Minister of Higher Education congratulated graduates who have moved from the stage of full-time to receive science and knowledge , to the to stage of participation in building the modern Iraqi state , expressing his thanks for the faculty staff that made their utmost  to produce the elite of the Iraq's sons that will have an effective role in the future country making ; noting that there is a  clear and explicit message which the  graduates the more than 13,000 thousand ones will carry it which clarifies that  a land -old seven thousand years cannot die , and can not only be kept alive  , in spite of all difficulties fronted it throughout the history, and in spite of all attempts to return it to the back from some of them that want to sabotage the new Iraqi experience . "


For his part,The President of the University of Baghdad , Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein said that The University continues to provide the best energies and expertise to serve the labor market in accordance with international standards , and the university achieved sequence 701 in the world classification of the recognized  universities  .


Abdul-Hussein said  that the university has achieved during this year various  achievements in different fields  such as   signing  contracts with various ministries of the state ,  publishing  researches, authoring books .   



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