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Monday, 14 October 2013 00:00

The third issue of Iraqi Journal of Science volume 54,2013 is issued within the deadline for the journal program, this volume contained 30 research distributed as the following   :

 -          12 research / Biology

 -          12 research / Biology

 -          1 research/ Biological Techniques   

 -          3 research/ Physics

 -          2 research/ Geology

 -          9 research/ Mathematics

 -          1 research/ Remote sensing Unit


Number of researchers from all  different scientific departments is 42 , in addition to  22 participants  from the  different academic establishments and universities, besides to distributing    copies of the   research after checking  them to all the researchers , knowing that it is possible    get the mentioned volume from the Secretarial Office Journal in the Faculty Deanship or from the electronic site of the Journal :   



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