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Monday, 20 January 2014 12:35

College of Science /university of Bagdad with cooperation of Oil Ministry has witnessed the activities of The Second World Conference of petroleum Iraqi studies , it lasts for the period 10-12 December 2013 which is represented as the largest scientific gathering during the last ten years , knowing that the poster of the conference was published globally in following world periodicals :

-          J. Petroleum Geology with impact factor is 0.85

-          J. Arab   Gulf Petroleum Geology with impact factor 2.45

-          J. Arabian of GeoScience that issued   from Springer publishing house in Germany   with impact factor 1.14

-          The conference site  which is within the college of science website , in both of the   social communicated sites facebook and twitter ,besides Research Gate.

This conference was held under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Ali Mohammad Al Hussein Al Adeeb and the presence of the following :

               -         President of Baghdad University Prof. Alaa Abd Al Hussein Rasool

               -          First Deputy of Parliament Dr. Kosai Al Sohail

               -          The Representative of Oil minister / General Director of Research and Development Department Prof. Mekdam Abd Al Rida

               -          And other petrol experts and directors from the following relevant establishments:

               -             Oil Exploration Company,

               -          Department of Reservoirs and Oil Fields Development

               -          South Oil Companies Missan, the Middle , the North

               -          Oil Developing Center

               -          Iraqi refineries companies

               -          The Iraqi Geological Survey Board

               -          Oil Research Center/Ministry of Technology and Science

               -          Environment Ministry

               -          Youth Ministry

               -           Department of Fuel/ Ministry of Transportation

               -          Groundwater Foundation / Water Resources Ministry

               -          Pakistani Oil Company

               -          Canadian Petro Consult Company

               -        Swedish and Dutch Researchers  

All the academic contributions were delivered by the chemists and geologists from college of science , and oil engineers   in Engineering college at Baghdad   University , with other various Iraqi universities such as Al Nahrain University, Technology, Basrah University, Babylon University, Anbar University, Diyala University,  Tikreet University, Karkok University , Solaymania University, and Mousel University.


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