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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 00:00


 The Assistant of the University President Prof. Alaa Kareem Mohammad and the Director of Continuing Education & Developing Center Dr. Mohanad Kadom Sabir visited the deanship of College of Science in 28/1/2014 to meet the needs of the evening studies students and viewing their preparations of the final exams for the first term.


The Dean of College of Science Prof. Salih Mehdi Ali with his assistants for Academic Affairs Prof. Harith Ebraheem Jafar and the Assistant for Administrative Affairs Prof. Abid Al Rehman   Hameed Majeed and the Head of Astronomy and Space Department Prof.Kamal Mohammad Abood greeted     the guests .


After that they went   around Physics , Biological Techniques ,Biology, Astronomy & Space. Then the Dean asked the students to discuss all their problems freely to transfer a realistic Image about their conditions to the university presidency .


At the end of the visit the Chancellor for Academic Affairs promised to reduce all the problems that effect on raising the scientific level of the students , and urging them to make more efforts to serve our country and thinking by connecting the future of the student with his performance level at the university .







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