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Friday, 16 May 2014 19:10



His Excellency, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Ali AL-Adeeb announced on establishing new 7 State's  universities, to be 17 university. His Excellency emphasized that the ministry will accomplish its plan to send 10000 Iraqi students in scholarships to study at the recognized international universities and we have 8500 students in scholarship on the ministry expenses. His Excellency referred to that laying foundation stone of Satellite Baghdad City and Aqueous Museum that will contribute in enhancing the Iraqi educational system with more developed academic institutions. 


His Excellency said during the 57th anniversary of University of Baghdad that the ministry succeeded in developing the Iraqi educational system and modernizing it according to the strategy of academic years 2011-2014, which witnessed establishing 17th official universities, ten of them being approved by the parliament last year and seven universities approved by Parliament yesterday, the number of official universities increased from 19 university in 2011 to 36 university in Iraq. 


His Excellency added that the new universities divided for four universities belong for Technical Education Foundation, University of Baghdad for Women, included all college for women all over Baghdad, as well as Al-Karkh University for Sciences, related with the latest developments in technologies and sciences in world countries and Information and Communication University, included three colleges, specialized in communication and information.


His Excellency continued that the ministry accomplished high percentage of sending 10000 students in scholarship plan to study at international recognized universities in different specialties. His Excellency showed that the number of students in scholarships is 8500, as well as 10000 students studying on their own expense and under the direct supervision and care of the ministry.
On the same context, His Excellency laid foundation stone of Baghdad Satellite City project in Baghdad University, it is the first project in Middle East, in 50 Billion $  cost and it will be scientific, cultural and entrainment theater, included dome , astronomical observatories, laboratories and scientific museums will contribute I attracting scientific and academic expertise of the region and the world. 


His Excellency laid foundation stone of the Aqueous Museum project that will include specialized research center in the field of rare biology, 5 Million $ cost to be an typically museum in Aquatic Biology. 


His Excellency inaugurated exhibitions of arts, handmade, innovations and agricultural, technical and medical colleges' products , as well as inaugurating flowers exhibition and the ceremony also witnessed skydiving and different arts and culture activities. 


It is worthy to be mentioned that the new ten universities that established by Higher Education and approved by Parliament Council last year, University of Samara in Salah Adin Province, University of Oil and Gas in Al-Qurna, University of Ibn Sina for Medical and Pharmaceuticals Sciences in Baghdad-Karhk side, University of Al-Qasim Green in Babylon Province, University of Sumer in Thi Qar Province, University of Faluja in Al-Anbar Province Universities of Nineveh, Tala'afar and Al-Hamdaniya in Nineveh and University of Ibn Hayan for Medical and Pharmaceuticals Sciences in Najaf Province.  


On the same context, University of Baghdad is one of biggest Iraqi universities, established on 1908, during establishing First College in Iraq (Law School Earlier) College of Law, then House of Teachers, Medicine College on 1927, College of Pharmacy and Engineering and the rest of the universities that included in one university in 1975 the University of Baghdad.
The University of Baghdad complex designed to be in the middle of Baghdad by Eng. Walter Gropius, he started on the 60s in conducting his project plan to build the campus of Engineering, Sciences and Arts Colleges.
University of Baghdad included 24 scientific and humanitarian colleges, considered the mother of all universities in Iraq. 



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