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Monday, 02 June 2014 00:11

Central Lab./ College of Science has organized the entitled workshop:(The Effects of water Quality from Different Environments on Bacteria Ability  upon Forming the Bio-Film and Blocking Plastic Pipes)

The workshop included practical and theoretical aspects lasted for 10 days, where the theoretical topic represented by the following scientific research styles:

  • Designing the scientific experiments
  • Principles of isolating bacteria
  • Role of bacteria in forming the bio-film
  • Methods of measuring the bio-film
  • Chemical analysis for water
  • Using advanced systems and equipments for analyzing water like FTIR and UV
  • Methods of treating results statistically
  • Methods of writing  scientific research
  • Scientific research forums  and kinds of scientific essays that published in the world journals

And In the practical topic scientific experiments and tests have conducted in Environmental Central Laboratories by using the equipments of Environmental Pollution Laboratory, and Environment Health Laboratory. 




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