Biology Department General Board Meeting E-mail
Sunday, 21 September 2014 10:29



According to the field visiting of the Dean’s agenda, Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadil A. Risan Dean of College of Science accompanied by Prof. Abdul Rihman Mjeed  Hameed /Dean’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs attended the Biology Department General Board Meeting  on Thursday 4/9/2014 , His  Excellency presented an explanation   for  the future college program of graduate and undergraduate students studies .

After the Dean’s presentation a discussion started   among  the teaching staff by pointing out their suggestions, ideas , and proposals   to  limit the problems    that delay  the  educational process developing in the college  , where the Dean requested from  them to write   a detailed study  about this program   to adapt  it in the future.  

The main topics that discussed in this meeting were as following:

          1-       Committing in applying the students uniform system since it reflects the cultural reality for them,             and carrying out the instructions of the   Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research with               Presidency of Baghdad University regulations about this subject.

          2-       Discussing all limitations that are related to the annual & seasonal curriculums system for the 1st              term of the first college level.

          3-       The pioneer projects.

          4-       Developing the work procedures of   the Botanic Garden   , where Prof. Ibraheem Sha’aban                     appreciated   the  Dean’s efforts  about this topic  ,by his role  Dr. Fadil A. Risan Dean of College            of Science emphasized on the coordinating between college of Science and Agriculture College  and          the Dean Dr. Fadil clarified  that , this common coordination would be  fruitful  soon by God’s will .

At the end of the meeting the Dean expressed his thanks for biology teaching members, wishing them all success in their scientific path to serve our IRAQ, and the educational process.







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