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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 12:40


By the auspices of Dr. Fadhil Abid Rasen Dean of College of Science , Geology Department held the entitled scientific symposium :

( Iraqi  Mineral  natural Wealth   … Strategic Precautions  and Investment  )

The symposium included two scientific lectures; the first one is delivered by the Iraqi expert Dr.  Khaldoon Al Bassam  about finding metal raw materials and its distribution in Iraq … precautions and its kinds.

The second lecture is delivered by the geologist expert Ali Mohie from Iraq Geological Survey Board,``` about  Opportunities  of Investment  of Iraqi Raw Materials and Laws of Investing in Iraq.                                                                                                                       .

The symposium is attended by the following:

-           The teaching staff of the college.

-          A group of the specialists / Ministry of Industry and Minerals.  

-          Iraqi Geological Survey Board.

-          General Company for Miming Industries.

-          A number of teaching staff / Technology University.

The proceedings of the seminar has covered by the following satellite channels:

-            Iraqi satellite channel

-            University  satellite channel

-           Al Sumaria satellite Chanel   .

 the press of college has played the important role in organizing the press` activities inside and outside the gallery .

the members of the  Symposium  preparations Committee   as follows:



The Members

Asst. Prof.Fadhil   Abid Rasen (the Dean)


Prof. Waleed  Abidul Majeed ( Head of Geology)


Prof. Hameed Majeed Rasheed

The Symposium Rapporteur

Pro. Mazin Tamr Agah

Symposium Management



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