Electronic Education Workshop in computer Dep.
Thursday, 18 June 2015 11:58


Under the auspices of the dean of College of Science Dr. Fadhil Abid Rasen ,and by the head of Computer Science Dr.Loay George Adwer held the entitled :

“ the Electronic Education “

A number of the teaching staff members and the representative of the Al-Wakeel Al Arabi company for tools of electronic education, engineer Marwan Khaleel Ebraheem participated in this workshop.

   The theme of the workshop was clarifying the concept of the electronic education and its role in finding infrastructure and a data base from technical information , a l

1st of establishing bases ,developing the technical information, providing the students by larger amounts of tools in informatics field to help them in developing their ability ion expressing themselves .

The participants recommended at the end of the workshop the following suggestions :

-          Developing the social packaging for individuals in society to interact with this kind of education.

-          Confirming the necessity of contributing of the educational in the industry of this kind of education.

-          Assuring on the necessity of providing the infrastructure to it, hitch it is represented by preparing the qualified human staff

-          Continuing Training on the programs for teachers , students ,and administrators for taking the advantage of this technology.

-          Producing the required programs for this education.


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