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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 11:49


line with the global exams and to solve the problems of the routine questions , Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with the Development and Research Department work together   for  making   the instructions of the admission  exam  for all Specialties, these  paragraphs provide on the following:

1- The Proportion of the questions should be with at least about ( 60%) type (MCQ) tests.

2- The remaining questions will be Intellectual short answer questions that is (ESSay), conclusive questions, to see the student's ability.

 General Remarks

1- The test for the applicants of  Master's Degree study  the questions should be at least (80%) from the curriculum of BSc programs (second level and above….) , (20%) for the of level  I and II.

2 - The questions of PhD study must include at least (80%) from the specific   field, and (20%) from the general specialization

3- The questions set by specialized teaching staff, their scientific degree should be professor / assistant professor in the   relevant department.

4 - The questions must not include any left question in them.

5 - The correction committees are within the specific specialization from the open study that the academic degree for the corrected teaching staff members  should be not less than (professor or assistant professor). 


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